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Actor, Comedienne, Singer, Dancer, Writer, Director, Improviser, Presenter, Blogger & Basset Hound enthusiast; Miranda Dawe is all these things in a petite package – just don’t ask her to retrieve anything from a top kitchen cupboard.

Miranda Dawe

Hi I'm Miranda and I'm your best friend!

Well, okay I might not actually be your best friend but I could definitely play the best 'best friend' you have ever seen in anything you are casting.

I trained in at Bretton Hall & GSA and my CV is here at SpotlightCasting Call Pro as well as my Comedy CV. Follow me on Twitter and visit my Youtube channel! 

'You remind me of a young Imedla Staunton' Kenn Oldfield, director

'Miranda is wonderfully bubbly, joyous and a pleasure to work with. Audiences at What The Frock! lapped up her wide-eyed jokes with delight.' Jane from 'What the Frock!' Comedy Nights

Funny Women Semi-Finalist 2013

I've just performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - check out our online show & website: